Inserts and fireplaces


We offer you very nice brands of inserts with which we work. Depending on your project, we can also make custom fireplaces. Single, double or three-sided, lift-up window, hinged door, heat accumulation, many variations are possible. You can thus personalize your fireplaces according to its dimensions and all the available options (interior color, choice of handle, type of frame, etc.)

Today the wood energy market has grown enormously. The devices have become very efficient and have great heating power. The technologies are more and more precise, that is to say that the output is of better quality, that the windows darken less and that the titration adjustment is extremely precise. Fireplaces of this type are mainly built-in and we carry out absolutely all the custom-made fittings according to your expectations.


Since 2009, Hoxter products have been sold in 23 countries in Europe. Our philosophy is to be authentic, without pompous appearances, contrived strategies, or detours. Maintaining traditional values ​​makes it easier and more efficient to operate. We stick to things promised, written or spoken. Our handshake ensures quality and confidence. We work under the motto: “We don’t want to be the biggest, but the best and the most popular.”


BODART & GONAY is a Belgian company that designs and manufactures wood and gas heating appliances, mainly in the form of built-in fireplaces, which combine the beauty of the flame with maximum heat recovery and respect for the environment.


Stûv designs and manufactures wood stoves, pellet stoves, wood inserts and gas inserts, aiming to magnify fire in its functional, emotional and architectural dimension. A Stûv is intended to be a source of conviviality where we come together around the pleasure of a fire, an efficient way to heat ourselves in an environmentally friendly way, as well as a contributor to the lasting beauty of our homes.

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