Pellet stoves

 An eco-responsible system

In full expansion, the pellet or pellet stove provides incomparable heating comfort. Many assets make its strength: Autonomy, efficiency, ease of use, fuel cost, ecology … We have selected our brands to guarantee you high-performance, silent and multiple design devices. What are granules / pellets? These biofuels are made up of different compacted woods. It is important to use quality pellets in order to ensure long term functioning of the stove. Their packaging allows space-saving and clean storage. More expensive than a wood stove, the pellet stove has a technology allowing the automatic supply and therefore the programming of its start-up, time slots, heating power … it is even possible thanks to the wi-fi option to control it remotely!


Immerse yourself in the RIKA universe. Our stoves transform a house into a home, bring together family and friends, provide warmth and well-being, and of course in an ecological way.


AUSTROFLAMM, an Austrian brand, leader in innovation: several patents including its “Heat Memory System” and its “Xtra” technology which allow heat to be retained over a very long period. The accumulation of heat thanks to the “Heat Memory System” and “Xtra” technology is synonymous with saving wood: in fact recharging less often also means consuming less wood. Its high-performance wood and pellet appliances combine design with efficiency.

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