Wood stoves

Comfort for your home

Operating principle: The fire starts in a fireplace filled with logs, then the heat spreads throughout the room.

A wood stove therefore consists of a fireplace, in which the wood burns, a casing and a connection to the flue.

Unlike a fireplace, the wood stove generally has lower heating power and saves space in your room. It is a heating method that adapts to all situations: it can be used as an auxiliary heater or as a main heater.

In addition, there are many models of wood stoves that can adapt to any type of interior in terms of design.

Many options are available (barbecue kit, integrated oven, heat storage kit …)


Immerse yourself in the RIKA universe. Our stoves transform a house into a home, bring together family and friends, provide warmth and well-being, and of course in an ecological way.


Stûv designs and manufactures wood stoves, pellet stoves, wood inserts and gas inserts, aiming to magnify fire in its functional, emotional and architectural dimension. A Stûv is intended to be a source of conviviality where we come together around the pleasure of a fire, an efficient way to heat ourselves in an environmentally friendly way, as well as a contributor to the lasting beauty of our homes.


AUSTROFLAMM, an Austrian brand, leader in innovation: several patents including its “Heat Memory System” and its “Xtra” technology which allow heat to be retained over a very long period. The accumulation of heat thanks to the “Heat Memory System” and “Xtra” technology is synonymous with saving wood: in fact recharging less often also means consuming less wood. Its high-performance wood and pellet appliances combine design with efficiency.


For over 400 years, ORANIER has specialized in the development of technologies that make home this special place. Since 1904, we have been inventing and producing modern heating and cooking appliances which not only increase comfort and are useful in everyday life, but also meet a higher demand: to ensure that families feel at home.


Specialized since 1986 in the manufacture of cast iron fireplaces and fireplaces, Fonte Flamme is renowned for the robustness and reliability of its products. Fonte Flamme is also a company on a human scale, each employee is an expert passionate about his profession.


Stovax & Gazco manufacture wood, multi-fuel, gas and electric stoves and inserts. The Stovax Group is the largest manufacturer of stoves and fireplaces in the UK and has a wide range of contemporary and traditional styled products to meet individual needs and tastes.


For over 50 years, Hergóm has accumulated successes and experience for the manufacture of wood-burning and biomass heating products, relying on natural fuels, through research, development and improvement. the effectiveness of our products. Thus, we have developed more efficient heat exchangers, with a dual combustion system, in order to minimize particle emissions into the atmosphere. Hergóm wood stoves are among the cleanest heating systems in the world.


Produce comfort, CO2 neutral heating and give the room beautiful shapes and elegance. A skantherm fireplace stove fulfills all these expectations thanks to its high-quality design granted in an overall development process to each stove model. The ultimate principle is to perfectly harmonize form, technical functionality and good design. Skantherm works closely with renowned designers who adhere to this same philosophy. Together we have not only won many design awards but above all many customers.


Our central fireplaces, wall and hanging fireplaces, and our wood inserts are designed from A to Z in our workshop in Soignies. For the manufacture of our wood stoves, we call on local artisan suppliers. They are located in Belgium or France. Our research and development department is at the cutting edge of technology. He makes sure to offer a range of durable wood-burning cassettes and stoves. As for the design of our wood-burning appliances, it goes from classic to contemporary. Our experience of more than 25 years has made us experts in quality wood fires in France and Belgium.

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