Cookers and planchas

Wood-fires cooking

Food lovers will be served! (we couldn’t help but make this pun!)
Wood fires are a truly unparalleled traditional cooking method. The heat distribution allows for wise cooking and brings more flavor to your dishes.
Why not let yourself be tempted by a real wood-fired plancha from Finoptim or even simmer your dishes on a De Manincor stove?


Legend has it that the spark occurred by the fireside: the desire to rethink wood heating, to keep it all its nobility but by forging a new setting, both more efficient and refined. To reinvent this ancestral art of fire, we combine traditional know-how with cutting-edge techniques. This is how the open insert was born, our original creation, the one that gave birth to Finoptim. Since then, other innovations have followed. And all send wood, of course …


Wood-burning cookers, thermo-cookers and thermo-stoves gas and electric cookers, wood-burning combined cookers with monoblock gas and extractor hoods: whatever DeManincor product you choose, we guarantee you the tradition of Italian cuisine, in its version the most modern. Reliability, attention to detail and craftsmanship are the result of more than 180 years of experience. High performance, reduced consumption, the choice of excellent materials are the assets that we are adding to our history today.

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